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Out with the old pink insulation of the past and in with the new, streamlined, cost-effective way to insulate your property.

Dynamic Spray Foam specializes in the use of spray foam insulation as well as Nu-Wool Premium Cellulose Insulation. And we don’t want to brag, but we are an exclusive dealer for the local central PA region and one of two representatives in the state. Let’s just say that we get it when it comes to incorporating up-to-date and modern methods for keeping your family at comfortable temperatures.

Nu-Wool Premium Cellulose is eco-friendly, provides superior sound performance, is a Class A fire-rated insulation, and costs 48% less than open spray cell foam. If you want to insulate your home and wallet, Nu-Wool is the obvious choice!


Nu-Wool is naturally green insulation. It’s environmentally friendly and made up of 86% recycled content. Not only is it energy efficient because it requires less of a home’s energy heating and cooling systems, but it lasts the lifetime of the structure and does not need to be replaced over time.

Sound Regulation

Nu-Wool guarantees a quieter home or work environment with its blown-in, soundproof insulation. The premium cellulose insulation has been tested at Riverbank Acoustical Laboratories for Sound Transmission Classifications. Structures that are insulated with Nu-Wool have a noticeable quietness.

Fire Resistant

This Class A fire-rated insulation is treated for fire resistance. It stops or slows the spread of fire within wall cavities and attic spaces, with the fire retardants lasting the life of the structure.

Energy Savings

Nu-Wool saves money over time thanks to its energy-saving, recycled makeup. Because it’s sprayed using the Nu-Wool WALLSEAL System, the air pockets common with other insulation materials are non-existent with Nu-Wool. Ultimately, this provides reduced air movement and draft-free structures that hold their temperatures regardless of the outside temperature. In addition, Nu-Wool also reduces the workload of a home’s heating and cooling systems, requiring less repair and replacement.

Guaranteed Performance

Nu-Wool Co. is so confident about the energy efficiency of its product that it comes with an exclusive 10-year energy guarantee on your heating and cooling bills. This guarantee is available for all new homes insulated with Nu-Wool.

So, how does it work?

  • A certified Nu-Wool dealer (that’s us!) installs the Nu-Wool Premium Cellulose Insulation into your new home.
  • Thorough calculations of heating loads, the cost of heating based on fuel, your regional weather data, the efficiency of your heating system, and the air infiltration factor are entered into our computer system.
  • Click here for more detailed information on Nu-Wool’s 10-Year Energy Guarantee